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Dear colleagues, dear real estate agents,

Our trade is a fascinating but difficult one as we all know : the real estate market on the French Riviera most notably, so specific, so sensitive to the slightest jolt of international news, is constantly demanding more commitment and questioning on our part. In addition, the growing and detrimental competition from "non-professional" amateurs. It keeps disrupting the activity of the specialists that we are, and blurs our profession's image at the risk of permanently diverting our potential customers from our outlets.

Faced with this realty and in a context of "hostile market", we deem it crucial for us to react, to strengthen our relationships, to come together, without any of us giving up our personality.

This why the NPLR Group invites you to benefit from privileged professional access to its website.

You will be able to consult our offers and offer our properties for sale to your own clients while maintaining your brand, i.e your identity, your know-how and your independence.

Let’s combine our skills, promote our profession, and work together : our client’s satisfaction and the recognition of our profession, that’s our calling !

Let’s not be competitors!

We are peers above all!

“Become a Privileged Partner of the NPLR Group”.
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